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Worried about the Port-O-Potty situation at your next big festival? Or tired of the difficulty of peeing while wearing a bodysuit? Check this blog for our best tips on making the best of a shitty situation!

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Have you seen colorful Kandi bracelets at raves and wondered what it is all about? Maybe you want to get some of your own? Check out our blog post all about it with plenty of helpful guides on how to get started.

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Welcome to the BEXI Apparel blog! This is our first blog post, so we figured why not give some tips to first time ravers!  Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a super fun scene. Its full of amazing, friendly people who love to dance and share the raver culture. Music festivals have blown up in the past decade and raving has gone from an underground sub culture to the main stream. Maybe you have been loving the music for years but just now are making it to your first big festival. Or maybe you have some friends bringing you into the...

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