About BEXI

About Bexi Apparel

Outfitting festival goers who proudly dance to their own beat, Bexi Apparel dreams up original designs that will set you apart in a crowd. From sparkle overload to over-the-top prints, all Bexi products are designed by a fellow raver who understands the comfort, quality, and details you expect when investing in your rave outfits!

What We Do

Our goal is to provide our customers with comfortable, well made, long lasting clothing & accessories to wear to their favorite events! We want our designs to become part of your best memories, to make you feel confident and bold. We always strive to provide the best of customer service and to share positive experiences with our customers!

Our Impact

Bexi Apparel strives to reduce our impact on the planet in any way we can. We have transitioned to all eco-friendly packaging that is plastic free and made of post-consumer materials or is compostable! We are searching for more ways to make our clothing and accessories eco-friendly. So far, we have sourced recycled polyester fabrics as well as deadstock fabric (basically 2nd hand fabric from large designers that is sold to smaller designers instead of getting thrown away.) We will keep looking for eco-friendly options to help this company be friendly to our Mother Earth!

How We Got Started

Bexi Apparel was born after Los Angeles based designer Rebekah began attending music & raves in 2017. Inspired by the atmosphere and energy of the scene, she began to sew her own colorful rave clothing. Using her degree in Fashion Design, she launched BEXI Apparel in 2018 to share her vision for a bright and sparkly world to fellow ravers and bold fashion leaders. 
Bexi Apparel started by sewing sequin bralettes. After finding success with this, Rebekah focused on expanding into sparkly kimonos. Next came the hand fans and other accessories. In 2019, Bexi Apparel was part of the Raging Runway fashion show in Los Angeles. After that, Bexi launched into several boutiques in Los Angeles, Seattle, and New Orleans. 
The vision for 2021 is to focus on more eco-friendly rave clothing options, handmade items, and to expand mens clothing options. We hope you stick around to see what we come up with!


About the Designer

Rebekahs first rave was Resolution, a New Years event in Seattle. After that, she jumped into the scene and her next event was EDCLV 2017! Prior to attending these shows, Rebekah had been living in Los Angeles and working as a fashion designer for large companies. She found these work environments restrictive and felt the urge to express her creativity in a different way. Soon she was sewing her own rave outfits and plotting launching her own line.
Since then, Rebekah has attended numerous events in Southern California and continue expanding the Bexi Apparel line. In 2020, she stopped working her "day job" and committed full time to working on Bexi Apparel. She is excited to see where this journey takes her! You can follow her private rave account at @becky.bunzz