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5 Tips for your first big rave festival!

Welcome to the BEXI Apparel blog! This is our first blog post, so we figured why not give some tips to first time ravers! 

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a super fun scene. Its full of amazing, friendly people who love to dance and share the raver culture. Music festivals have blown up in the past decade and raving has gone from an underground sub culture to the main stream. Maybe you have been loving the music for years but just now are making it to your first big festival. Or maybe you have some friends bringing you into the scene and have no idea what to expect! Here are some tips to help you have a great time at your first big festival:


Picking a festival can be tough! There are so many amazing festivals across the country going on all year round. Be sure to investigate what type of artists are playing - some shows are focused on one genre of EDM while others have multiple stages with all types. It is a good idea to work your way up to larger festivals. Check out local shows and weekend festivals first before going all-in on a big one like EDC Las Vegas. Learn what you like and dont like so you dont drop your money on a big festival that isnt your vibe.


This may seem basic, but there is nothing worse than a 2 hour wait for an uber after a show has ended. You want to plan out your transport, hotels, designated drivers, all way in advance! Some bigger events like EDC might have hotels booked up months before. Be sure to have a Plan A and Plan B when booking AirBNBs which can sometimes be unreliable. Transport is a big deal too. Relying on Ubers/Taxis can leave you with a long wait time and expensive surges. Many large events offer shuttle services, as well as VIP options to make things easier. Check apps like Radiate or sub-reddits for recommendations from people who attended previous years

#3: P.L.U.R

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. They are the guidelines to the raver lifestyle. We go to raves to escape the reality of life. It is freeing to be in a place where everyone is positive and really looking out for each other.  Our favorite way to experience PLUR is to make kandi! These are the brightest colored bracelets you will see people wearing and trading at shows. You trade with someone who you make a connection with - maybe you danced together or complimented each others outfits! Gifting items like bracelets, gum, or fanning someone it part of the culture. You can buy Pony Beads at local craft stores or Amazon. Think of some cute phrases to add with letters. They are an easy gift to give away, great conversation starters, and a great way to make friends!



Raves can be overwhelming. There are crowds, sounds, flashing lights, and often times people on mind altering substances. Phone service is usually spotty and wi-fi non existent. As soon as you get into the venue, check out the emergency exits. Have your group pick a meet up location so if anyone gets separated, you can meet back at that spot to avoid getting lost. Pace yourself with dancing, take stretch and water breaks. Hydration backpacks are an essential part of any ravers kit! 



Obviously, we are into rave clothes over here! There are a ton of ways you can style yourself, dont get intimidated by all the pasties and booty shorts. If its your first time, a cute crop top, jean shorts, and some converse are an easy way to try rave fashion. We also love accessorizing with kitty ear headbands, face gems, glitter, fishnets, and a cute backpack! Don't worry so much about how you look. Its more about how you feel. Make sure your clothes are comfortable for walking and dancing. Check the weather and bring layers if needed. Break in your shoes before hand. Make sure your outfit gives you confidence!



 PLUR rave kandi beaded bracelets


We hope these tips help you feel more confident about your next adventure! Drop a comment below or follow us on Instagram for outfit inspo and more rave culture! @BEXI_APPAREL



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