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5 Tips for planning your first big festival

Welcome to the BEXI Apparel blog! This is our first blog post, so we figured why not give some tips to first time ravers! 

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a super fun scene. Its full of amazing, friendly people who love to dance and share the raver culture. Music festivals have blown up in the past decade and raving has gone from an underground sub culture to the main stream. Maybe you have been loving the music for years but just now are making it to your first big festival. Or maybe you have some friends bringing you into the scene and have no idea what to expect! Here are some tips to help you have a great time at your first big festival:


Picking a festival can be tough! There are so many amazing festivals across the country going on all year round.

- Consider going to a smaller festival or local show before committing to a large multi-day festival 

- Do you want a multi-genre experience or just one type? (house, bass, hardstyle, etc)

- Do you want to camp or prefer hotels and hot showers?

- Check ticket release dates which can be as early as 6 months before the fest

- Consider weather and if the venue is indoors or outdoors


This may seem basic, but there is nothing worse than a 2 hour wait for an uber after a show has ended. You want to plan out your transport, hotels, designated drivers, all way in advance!

 - Book accommodation early! Hotels can be all booked up months in advance of festivals, especially in areas that dont have a lot of hotel infrastructure

- Research shuttles, ubers, and parking passes. Tickets for shuttles and parking passes can also sell out. Be sure you know what to expect as far as wait time and expense for ubers!

- Always have a plan B!

- Check raver apps like Radiate or forums on Reddit for advice on specific events

#3: P.L.U.R

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. They are the guidelines to the raver lifestyle. We go to raves to escape the reality of life. It is freeing to be in a place where everyone is positive and really looking out for each other.  Our favorite way to experience PLUR is to make kandi! These are the brightest colored bracelets you will see people wearing and trading at shows. You trade with someone who you make a connection with - maybe you danced together or complimented each others outfits! Gifting items like bracelets, gum, glow sticks, stickers, and more is also part of the culture! Plan ahead to bring items to help make friends! 


Raves can be overwhelming. There are crowds, sounds, flashing lights, and often times people on mind altering substances. Phone service is usually spotty and wi-fi non existent. Plan in advance to keep the night flowing with positive vibes!

- Be aware of pick pockets and phone theft. NEVER keep your phone in your pocket

- Save your contact info on your phone lock screen so you can be contacted if it gets lost

- Assign a meetup spot for your group to go incase anyone gets lost

- Always use the buddy system for bathrooms

- HYDRATE! Raving uses a lot of energy. Drink plenty of water and a gatorade during the night to replace your salts

- Stretch and take break from dancing

 - Look out for your fellow ravers. If someone needs help, find a medical tent or staff member ASAP! 


Obviously, we are into rave clothes over here! There are a ton of ways you can style yourself, dont get intimidated by all the pasties and booty shorts. 

- Shop for and order online way before the festival! There is nothing worse than an outfit getting delivered after youve already left for the fest

- Comfort is key. Always pick supportive, broken in shoes for your all night dance-a-thon. Never wear NEW shoes to a rave!

- Comfort in clothes is important too. Check weather and always bring layers! You can stuff a coat in a locker if needed.

 - Express yourself. This is a no judgment zone! Go crazy


 PLUR rave kandi beaded bracelets


We hope these tips help you feel more confident about your next adventure! Drop a comment below or follow us on Instagram for outfit inspo and more rave culture! @BEXI_APPAREL



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