What are Kandi bracelets?

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What are Kandi bracelets?

If you've been to a rave or been active in the community online, you may of head about these fun colorful bracelets! Below we will answer some common questions about these Kandi bracelets!

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What exactly is Kandi?

Kandi are bracelets people trade at EDM shows and festivals. It is most common in the U.S.A. and the practice has been around for decades. The bracelets are commonly made out of plastic Pony beads on a stretchy elastic band, usually with a phrase added with letter beads. While most Kandi bracelets are simple one strand pieces - "singles", they can get quite complex. 3D multi strand bracelets are called cuffs. Some even have lights, slinky cuffs, and rotating layers!

How do I get Kandi?

The best way to get Kandi is to make some first! If you show up to a rave with Kandi on your arm, at some point someone will notice and want to trade! Most people trade kandi when they have a positive experience with someone at a festival. Maybe you danced together, talked about your favorite DJ, appreciated their totem or outfit. If you had a good interaction with someone, ask if they want to trade! People often choose to give a bracelet that represents the "vibe" of the person they are trading with. 

You can also trade with people if they don't have Kandi, or give them their first! It is super fun. I have traded Kandi with people in return for hair scrunchies, actual candy, or even light shows!

What is the PLUR / Kandi Trade handshake?

I love this part of the rave scene! The PLUR handshake reinforces all the positive energy of the rave scene and is a really fun ritual. To start the handshake, throw up a peace sign and touch finger tips. Then you make a heart shape, then flat palms together, then interlock fingers. After your fingers are interlocked, you pick a bracelet and trade!

Check out this simple how-to video

But I dont have any kandi to trade!

Then you need to make some of your own Kandi! It is super fun and many people find it relaxing. It is also fun to get your rave fam together for a craft day to get hyped up before your next festival. All you need are some beads, elastic, and some creative energy! Many people buy them from local hobby stores or amazon. Here are some links to great resources

Basic starter kit - all inclusive

Elastic string

Pony beads

Letter beads

Check this fun video guide on how to make Kandi!

If you don't have a crafty streak - you can also grab some from our site!

What phrase do I put on my bracelet?

This is where you can get creative! Think of phrases that you can share with friends or that could be good conversation starters. Popular options are also favorite DJ names, songs, or the name of the event or festival you are attending.

Check out our list of over 200 phrase ideas!

Lastly, some etiquette tips...

- Dont demand a Kandi or ask for a specific one. Let the other person choose what to give you

- Generally people have "keeps" on their left hand which they dont want to trade

- Right arms are for "trades" which are okay to give away

- Some people keep their kandi forever. Some people continuously trade the kandis they receive. Either way is fine

- Sometimes a kandi breaks :( if it does, try to pick up the beads and elastic! Lets be PLUR to mother earth.

Trading Kandi is a really special part of raving - so remember these tips and have an amazing time trading at your next festival or rave!

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