Rave Fishnet Tights - Multi Color Rhinestone on Black Fishnets - Black (One Size)

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Finally, the perfect fishnet tights for your rave or music festival outfit! These sparkly tights are covered with large multi-colored rhinestones of multiple shapes and sizes. The stones will add an eclectic feel to any look - wether its denim cutoffs or a rainbow bodysuit. These are also warm enough to use as a layering piece for colder weather. The rhinestones are all over the front of the tights, from ankle to mid-thigh. The fishnet is a smaller/tighter scale pattern. They are finished off with a 1" high rise waistband.

One Size
5' - 5'10"


Allow 1-2 Days - ships from Los Angeles, California


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Q: Will these rip if I wear them to a music festival?

 A: We have tested & worn these to an all day festival and they were great! The fishnet is dense, so it doesn't rip so easily. The larger stones could get pulled off if you rage too hard.

Q: Will these fit if I am over the listed height?

A: Because of the rhinestones, the tights might not stretch up to your crotch all the way if you are over 5'10".