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Tired of the discomfort of peeing in a port-o-potty at music festivals and raves? Tired of the hassle of yanking down your bodysuit or jumpsuit just to pee? 

The Pstyle is a life changing product for women and non-binary folks. This product allows you to use the urinal without removing any clothing. Yes, even in a bodysuit! No more hovering, peeing on yourself, or awkward acrobats in the tiny confines of a festival bathroom!

The Pstyle was created by a woman owned company, is made in the USA, is dishwasher safe, and made of recyclable #2 plastic.

How to Use

Move underwear to the side, taking care that it is fully out of the way. Place the pStyle so the widest part is between your legs and centered under your urethera. Tilt the open end slightly down, relax, and pee. It may feel strange at first but soon it will become second nature. When finished peeing, pull the pStyle forward with a firm upward motion to remove any remaining drops. The shower is a great place to practice.

How to keep clean

After each use, wipe down with toilet paper or wash in a sink. Wash thoroughly when you get home. Also dishwasher safe.


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