Large Rave Fan - I'M F*CKING HOT - Folding Bamboo Clack Fan

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For when the sun heats you up, crowds make you sweat, and you dance yourself into a fever- you need a fan. And not just any fan - this extra large hand fan is perfect as a sun shield, photo prop, and for creating a breeze to cool you down! This fan will make a loud "THWACK" sound with the flip of your wrist. 100% Guarantee of compliments, jealous stares, and photo requests. The best prop to bring for making friends!

It has a bamboo frame - painted glossy black. The fabric is lightweight nylon. The edges are sewn with a contrast thread to prevent fraying and add extra weight for maximum fanning power! Background photo is of iridescent sequins with the text...DAMN I'M FUCKING HOT!

LIFE HACK: Get a little spray bottle filled with water and spritz while you fan for a refreshing cool down

Length: 13.5"
Open Width: 25.25"

Ships from Los Angeles within 1-2 business days.
Standard is 2-5 days delivery. Priority upgrade is 2-3 days.
Ships in cylindrical cardboard tube.

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