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Tired of the discomfort of using a port-o-potty at music festivals and raves? We sourced the PStyle as a solution to camping and festival bathroom trips. This revolutionary device allows you to pee while standing up. You don't have to remove your bottoms or bodysuits either - simply pull them to the side and use the urinal! No more squatting, peeing on yourself, or banging your head on a port-o-potty door! It also makes a great gift for all your raver friends!



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How to use a PStyle

Move your underwear to the side.  Place the pStyle so the widest part is between your legs and centered under your urethera. Press up slightly, while tilting the front downwards, relax, and pee. It may feel strange at first but soon it will become second nature. When finished peeing, pull the pStyle forward with a firm upward motion to remove any remaining drops. Wipe down or rinse PStyle after use.


Practice in the shower at home to perfect your technique.


Also great for using camping, hiking, traveling, on road trips, on airplanes, or in any public space where you don't want to sit on the toilet!


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